SquidGuard blocking websites arbitrarily

  • I have version 2.3.3 of pfsense installed properly.
    I am trying to filter some specific  wesites , so i installed squid 0.4.36_2 and squidGuard 1.16.1.
    I have configured two target categories and denied them in the common ACLs. for example i put the app.facebook.com only in the domain list of a target category and did no more than that.
    Now I have two problems, first the specified sites not blocked, second and worse the same int error message i wrote to be directed to  instead of app.google.com shows when i try to access stackoverflow.com !!!!

    I have to mention that when i deny all sites it for default it doesn't work properly too (some open some not).

    any help will be precious.

  • I also have the same problem …....

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It will only block what you have told it to block.

    What you might find surprising is that when you go to a site like stackoverflow.com it most likely includes third-party libraries or content from Google, like analytics, and some of that might come from app.google.com. So you get redirected because the browser tried to load content from a site you told it to block.

    Enable logging in squidGuard and on the ACLs/Categories then check the squidGuard logs. You'll see exactly what triggered it.

    It's also possible that things not blocked are using HTTPS and you didn't configure it to catch HTTPS (e.g. didn't enable HTTPS interception / splice all properly)

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