Pfsense 2.3.3-RELEASE-p1 - CAPTIVE PORTAL - Couldn't be able to make it work

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    I did captive portal configuration for wifi connections but users who connected to wifi can access to internet without any username or password asked,even captive portal login page is not showing up,they are connecting to internet directly via wifi, what am i missing ?

    My Configuration as below;

    1-) WAN Gateway: ( is router,wifi is enabled on the router and there is no wifi password) - Interface name is : WAN

    2-) LAN : - Interface name is : LAN

    3-) DHCP Enabled on WAN :>

    4-) DNS Servers of DHCP on WAN : INTERFACE) + +

    5-) Default gateway of DHCP on WAN : (Router) - when i changed to which is pfsense interface,then wifi users won't be able to connect to internet,i don't know why.

    6-) Services->Captive portal->Add->Zone name : TEST->Zone description : TESTDESC

    7-) Edit Test

    8-) Interface : WAN

    9-) Maximum concurrent connections : 100->Idle timeout (Minutes) : 10->Hard timeout (Minutes) : 5687->Reset waiting period : Checked->Logout popup window : Checked->After authentication Redirection URL : my company's web site->Local User Manager / Vouchers : checked->Allow only users/groups with "Captive portal login" privilege set : checked->SAVE

    10-) System->User Manager->Groups->Add->Group name : CPTV_USERS->Scope:Local->Description : BLABLA->SAVE

    11-) Edit CPTV_USERS->Priviliges Add->Added all  Captive related privileges (17 total privileges)->SAVE

    12-) System->User Manager->Users->Add : Username : test1->password : 123456->Full Name : Test USER->Group membership : CPTV_USERS->SAVE

    13-) Services->DNS Resolver->General Settings->Enable DNS resolver : checked->Network Interfaces: All(i've tried to choose WAN only bu result was the same)->Outgoing Network Interfaces : All (i've tried to choose WAN only bu result was the same)->DHCP Registration : checked->Static DHCP : checked->Save->APPLY

    14-) Connect to the wifi-> connect to the or>expecting pfsense captive portal's default login page->no login page showd up, or opened without any problem.

    With above configuration wifi users can directly connect to the internet without any username or password asked.

    What am i missing ?

  • my configuration is kinda different but it works. My ISP cable /optical fibre/leaseline is connected to a modem now from that modem i have a  lan cable connected to my pc on lan port(NIC 1) 1 which works as a WAN for pfsense , now the output is coonect to wifi router through lan port 2 (NIC 2 which act as lan). I have activated my dhcp on lan , captive portal is enabled on lan, dhcp of router is off and bridge mode is on in router. You need to have atleast two NIC on your pc .

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    i've re-installed PfSENSE and it solved.

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