Creating games in starcraft can join with out lag

  • I'm having problems creating games in starcraft here are my current settings, and logs.

    Firewall: NAT: Port Forward
    v WAN  TCP/UDP  6112 (ext.: any) 6112  starcraft

    Firewall: NAT: Outbound
    v WAN  *  *  *  *  *  YES  Auto created rule for LAN

    Firewall: Rules LAN
    v      *          LAN net    *          *                    *      *      Default LAN -> any
    v      *          LAN address  *        *                      *    *      OpenVPN
    v  TCP/UDP    *      *  6112      *      NAT starcraft

    Firewall: Rules LAN
    x  *    RFC 1918 networks  *  *  *    *        *  Block private networks
    v  UDP    *                      *      *    1194  (OpenVPN)  *

    firewall log
    x Oct 14 03:36:38 WAN 89.150.x.x:51787 UDP
    x Oct 14 03:36:51 WAN 89.150.x.x:53685 UDP
    x Oct 14 03:36:52 WAN 89.150.x.x:53685 UDP
    x Oct 14 03:37:04 WAN 89.150.x.x:51787 UDP
    x Oct 14 03:37:04 WAN 89.150.x.x:51787 UDP
    x Oct 14 03:37:07 WAN 89.150.x.x:11811 UDP
    x Oct 14 03:37:14 WAN 89.150.x.x:53685 UDP

    x = block
    v = pass


    i opened the the port from xp gateway thingy, but how can it be done if clients don't have access to open ports themselves??

  • The "xp gateway thingy" is nothing else than the windows gui to upnp port forwards (if you have upnp enabled).
    Also if you've set manually a port forward (which you did according to your first post) the upnp forward has no effect.
    sooo i think you did something else.

    One thing i see: dont set ext. to any in your forward rule but to the actual IP you have on the WAN.

    The rules of your lan you posted dont make sense.
    When a rule catches the rest below is no longer considered.
    You first rule always catches so the two rules below have no effect.

    To the question in your last post:
    They dont.
    Either they have access to the pfSense and can forward ports or they cannot play.
    (show me a game where this is different ;) )

  • Ahh ok, i wasen't aware that the rules are catched in that way.

    thank you

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