Problem - SquidGuard + shallalist + time rule.

  • Good night sir,

    I'm new to Pfsense and I'm having problems with an implementation where I need to release some sites by squidguard at lunchtime. The rule does not work and I don't know what is wrong  :(

    Here's my scenario:

    -Psense: 2.33
    -Squid: 3.5.23
    -SquidGuard: 1.4.15

    Non-transparent proxy with local authentication and squidguard with shallalist.

    Attached is the squidguard code.

    I noticed that it always applies the rules that are in the "target categories for offtime", even though it is within the range that I reported in "time".
    I have already searched in several places and found nothing about it.
    I restarted the services and it also did not work.

    Thanks to those who can help.

  • Here you can see my configuration, I understand that in my case (lunch time) the user must be blocked, but it doens't happen.

  • Anybody?  :-\

  • Banned

    You'd be a whole lot better off testing the unofficial E2G package:

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