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    The user c0210021 needs help

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    « Sent to: javcasta on: March 30, 2017, 11:42:09 pm » ReplyQuoteDelete
    Hi javcasta,

    I read you post.  I installed pfblockerng, download the php script, run and set porn category on.

    The domain can block, however, the sub domain not block

    What's wrong of my setting?  Please teach me!

    you can see the setting in the following links

    Best regards,


    Porn category is like a ocean … too much big the IPv4 or DNSBL lists (RAM and CPU consumer) :)


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    It is a big category and it's only as good as the Feed source.

    But to answer your question about it not blocking sub-domains, you need to enable the "TLD" option. It will require more ram. See the blue infoblock icons for further details.

  • Banned

    Yeah TLD + More lists + Force Google Safe Search & Block other search engines, block TOR, block VPNs, and you'll still have leaks in your ship.

    Like you said, it's an impossible feat to actually block porn unless you whitelist the internet.

    But you can do a really good job of avoiding it unless it is overtly searched for. That's about the best you can search for without going to extremes.

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