Site-to-Site OVPN Cannot Access Remote Clients from Local LAN

  • Hi All,

    Been going at this for over a week now with no progress. Just about to throw the towel and overall generally disappointed with myself on not getting such a simple config to work.

    Problem: I cannot ping/access clients behind OpenVPN Client (router) from Local LAN. I can ping/access clients behind OpenVPN Server (Local LAN) from the remote clients.

    pfSense OVPN Server:
    WAN: Public IP
    LAN: (DHCP  - this is GW for all clients behind this router

    Asus Merlin Router:
    WAN: Public IP
    LAN: (DHCP - this is GW for all clients behind this router

    I have forced all traffic through the VPN tunnel.
    From (my laptop), I am able to ping (server).
    From (server), I am NOT able to ping (my laptop).
    -Tracert returns a request time out and won't go past the OpenVPN Server (

    I have followed all configurations suggested to a T and all troubleshooting points that there is a routing conflict. I, however, am not very familiar with routing and the way I see it upon checking the routing table on both routers, they seem to be properly configured. I have set the firewall rules to the most relaxed (as far as I can tell).

    I would greatly appreciate any help. I really need to get this working as I need to view IP cameras (lots of them) from the other site. It would be impractical to port forward each and every single one.

  • There should be an option for "inter-client communication" you can select in the server preferences.

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