Wireless provides internet access to some clients but no others

  • Hi Everybody !

    So I'm moving one of my clients to their new offices, I'm running Pfsense with 4 interfaces, WAN LAN WIFI GUEST.

    Pfsense is connected to a Netgear JGS524PE 24 POE Switch (Pretty Basic)  and there is a Engenius AP connected to it.

    I have 2 VLANS (10 and 15) 10 is WIFI and 15 is GUEST. Everything was working great but yesterday while I was connected to the WIFI I lost access to internet and I'ts not allowing me to ping to some LAN devices anymore. I made a rule to allow WIFI and LAN devices see each other.

    The wired thing is that mostly of the devices in WIFI subnet had internet access and working fine at the same time I didn't have Internet on my laptop.
    but another wired thing is that if I connect to the guest network Internet is working just fine (same AP different VLAN tagging)

    I erase almost all the rules I've made but still the same result. I think is the AP but I don't get why then the guest network is working fine. I've reset DHCP and DNS services on pfsense. Another thing is that I can't ping to my AP no even from PFsense but i can see it on the ARP Table.

    Any suggestions ? please let me know if you need any information.

    Thank you so much!

  • Ok so I've changed the DNS servers to google servers on the WIFI interface and that solved my problem.

    Anyway I'm wondering why this happens? and Why just in one interface

    If anyone comes with an idea I would appreciate the answer.

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