Problem with RADIUS for OpenVPN

  • Hello guys,

    After I followed this tutorial,

    I was still unable to use my windows server 2008 (WS2008) RADIUS in Pfsense and cannot figure out what I have made wrong.

    In my pfsense, in System/User Manager/Settings, after Save & test I got this message:

    Settings have been saved, but the test was not performed because it is supported only for LDAP based backends.

    And tried to auth through Diagnostics/Authentication, with a username and also domain/username from the list of users in the group of WS2008 for RADIUS but still nothing:

    The following input errors were detected:
    Authentication failed.

    In event log there is no entrie about a failed authentication.

    If you need any extra info I can provide!

    Also both ports from RADIUS are right, compared with what I have in WS2008.

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