OPENVPN keep crashing

  • Hi guys,
    we are using 2.3.3-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) on a hardware,
    the issue start today, the users can't log in using the VPN, after i check i see on the VPN that the users are already logged in.
    after i stop the openvpn services and start it again, stuff start working, while the users connect once, and disconnected can't log in.
    what i have noticed is the pfblocker keeps crashing too, so have to start it everytime manually, is this a related issue to the vpn?

    Can you please advise what could be the issue ?
    thank you

  • i have noticed one user has forget his VPN on while he is on the office,
    he is connecting with the VPN from the LAN, when i disable his connection VPN start working.
    is there is a way to fix this ? even when the users forget to disconnect their VPN on the LAN won't cause the openVPN server to crash.

    is this related to the Crypto: AES-128-CBC/SHA1 D-H Params: 1024 bits we are using?

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