Can't See some devices on network with some devices.

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    Are these devices on the same network?  Or do you have multiple networks/vlans?  Are these devices wireless or wired?

  • I have 3 vlans - staff, guest and AVL. The devices I can not see are all on staff network and everything is wireless excluding the printers.

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    Well when you say can not view.. How are you trying to view them.. If your trying to use broadcast or multicast to find/view these devices across networks then yeah your going to have issues with that.

    Wifi could also be set to not allow clients to talk to each other on the same wifi - so that could also be a problem.  Your going to have to give some more details if you want advice on how to correct whatever issue it is exactly your having.

    Normally you would just use DNS to resolve the name of the device to an IP and then allow the firewall rules you need to allow to talk to the endpoint on whatever ports/protocols you want to talk to this end device with.

  • I tried to ping them and use angry ip scanner to see if they would show on the network but both failed to see anything alive on the network. I have 1 pc that can ping one of the iMacs on the network that any other machines can not ping at all. I tried poking around in the AP (bel air 20e) to see if there was something in there causing problems but I could not find anything.

    My main goal is to get ProPresenter remote and Share Screen on Mac to work but since nothing can detect each other on the network they will not work.

    Does it sound like a pfsense problem or is it something else like the switch or something I missed in the AP settings?

    I am super new to networking so I apologies I have been very generic in my replys.

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