Fresh install GUI hangs "One moment while initial wizard starts"

  • I am setting up a Hyper-V pfSense install.  The install goes fine and I have the the Interfaces setup.  The basic function is working fine, but when I try to go to the GUI, I get the login screen fine, and login then it just hangs on:

    Welcome to pfSense!
    One moment while the inital setup wizard starts. ….

    I reinstalled several times, always the same issue.  I have installed pfSense at least 50 times both virtually like this and on physical boxes but never had this issue.



  • @DrownEnt i need an answer to this, why has netgate not repsonded???

  • LAYER 8 Moderator

    @SeanJones because that is a public forum and no ticket support system from Netgate. If you "NEED" an answer to this immediatly you should open a ticket with them or call them directly instead of waiting on an answer on a public forum where mostly private persons are posting.

    Also would be nice to get a bit more information to actually may be able to help instead of a "me too" on a more then 2y old post?

  • Also : the wizard isn't needed.

    During initial setup, fill in System => general setup. At least LAN and WAN interfaces, and you're up.