Really Happy With pfSense

  • Ok, been using pfSense as our firewall/router/bandwidth manager for a WISP supporting between 50 to 70 customers for the last eight months now. We will see that rise to approximately 125 to 140 over the winter months with temporary subscribers.

    Running all on an OLD HP Vectra VL/5, I think it is a P2 processor, maybe an MMX. 512k of RAM, small hard drive (too small in fact [ie squid] , going to upgrade to an 80GB soon, just have to go put it in). Two NIC's. T1 as our uplink provider. Using a combination of pfSense, Wireless Orbit, and PayPal for our AAA, all working great!

    After a little tweaking here and there pfSense has turned out to be the best solution for us. I would, and do, highly recommend it for users from 2 systems to 2000. Scalability is only limited to the limitations of your hardware.

    Thanks all that have taken the time to develop and design such a wonderful solution to turn a $100.00 computer into a $3000.00 router. You guys have done a heck of a job.

  • some donations are highly appreciated ;)

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