Desktop VPN in combination with openvpn problem

  • I have configured Torguard openvpn fine and routed some clients through that interface and some through wan as I wanted. However if I use my Torguard desktop vpn app on my pc which is routed through normal WAN, web browsing is painfully slow (20 secs+ a page). If i switch back to my rt-ac3200 router all works fine even with same openvpn setup on that. So my question is, where do I start to look on this one?  Torguard allows several connections and works fine on other hardware just not on pfsense, I'm a newbie and not sure where to start. Any advice gratefully received.

  • Further to last I have reset to a default 2.3.3 install on apu2 box and Torguard vpn app runs so slowly for web browsing (30 secs a page) This is with completely default setup no packages rules etc so does anyone have an idea? If i put the rt-ac3200 router back on the app works fine suggesting to me that there is a pfSense setting needs changing as the pc must be set ok too?

  • Fixed my problem by unchecking the block outside dns button in settings on Torguard app, now works as expected.

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