PFsense 2.3.3 on Virtualbox

  • Greetings. I'm relatively new to this platform of software firewalls and here to learn so if you could bear with me, I'd appreciate it. I understand port forwarding, service rules, etc so again, I can and want to learn.

    I'm using a 16 camera DVR Setup, a POS Server, 16 port POE Netgear Prosafe Switch and a Linksys (temporary) router for wireless. We have Comcast Business with a decent line and the router is in bridge mode as of now.

    I'm running pfsense on Oracle Virtualbox on an HP dc7800p box (two actually). The box has a single NIC and I've got the installation completed, able to login to the WebGUI and start configuring. What I'm having problems with is this:

    Can I use only a single physical NIC and use the bridge for Virtualbox to be able to connect the HP to a Netgear Prosafe 16-port Switch and have the functionality of the pfsense firewall?

    I created a WAN em0 and a LAN em1 but right now I am just using the WAN with DHCP ( Second question is:

    Do I create a LAN/VLAN with a seperate DHCP IP for the traffic?

    The goal is to have the necessary traffic come from the Comcast Gateway to the Prosafe Switch to the Firewall or should I go behind the switch from the Gateway (and how with one NIC)

    Sorry if this is disjointed. Perhaps an expert can decipher this.

    Thank you!

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