Cant open hotmail microsoft yahoo when connecting with PPPoE?

  • OK First of all Thankyou for this beautiful product and all help
    Sorry for bad language because i'm not native

    Let's start
          As the topic say at Office i have pfsense box that connect to internet by pppoe through adsl modem and get real public IP because i regist for fix ip.
    Everything work find,but I can't open hotmail microsoft and almost all https website even window update.
      Note I already check Rule to pass port 443 80 and 53

    So This what i have try
          1. In my office I use my PC connect to modem and connect to internet directly and It's work
          2. I move pfsense box to my home and connect with same modem but different username and password. What is differ from my office is it not fix ip it's normal adsl line with dynamic IP and the result is I can connect to microsoft yahoo but In hotmail I cant login to check my email but able to open website.
          3. I let my modem connect and release dhcp to my computer and uncheck block private network and it work in both place.I can open and login in every website.

    all of these three i use same computer pfsense box and same setting but differ Only in wan interface

    But No.3 is not what i want I want Pfsense to connect through modem directly not DHCP and i also want to do load balance.

    What I did wrong?

    I don't know what page of my setting I have to show please tell me I will post it later


  • You need an set iface enable tcpmssfix in at the pppoe setup this is the same symptom i fixed in 1.3 that i was seeing at my pppoe connection.

  • Sorry for asking this But How do i enable it? Is it in web config ?

    Thank you for your help

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