• Hello
    I have made my first remote vpn but when i connect to my business i can ping and access some services but not all.
    For example i can't ping/access the storage or server mail or firewall.

    Can you help me?

  • Without more specifics, we can only offer high-level tips.  The issue can be several things, but if I had to guess… you're probably missing routes.  E.g.... If your NAS, mail server, firewall, etc are all on different subnets, then you need to push the appropriate routes for those subnets to your clients.

  • Hi Marvosa,
    thanks for your reply.

    All servers are on the same subnet

  • Maybe the hosts firewalls block the access. By the default such firewalls block access from other networks, so they block access from a VPN tunnel address.

  • In Firewall/Rules/OpenVPN i have the rule
    IPv4 TCP/UDP  *  *  *  *

  • PFsense is a stateful firewall, which is essentially an all or nothing idea… there is no logic involved, the firewall makes pass/block decisions based on explicit rules parsed top-down.... i.e. depending on the rule, either all the packets will be passed to their destination or none of them will.  So, you either have conflicting firewall rules or a software firewall issue on the client device.

    viragomann was talking about the software firewall on the client device, but your PFsense firewall rules are part of the issue also.  You are only allowing TCP/UDP on the OpenVPN tab which means ICMP (ping) is being blocked.  I would suggest changing your firewall rules to any/any on both the LAN and OpenVPN tab until basic IP connectivity is established... then refine if necessary.

  • ok i'll try.
    Thank you.

  • Hi all
    Still no have access to file server nor server mail.
    I have on openvpn rules * * * * and also in lan rules I have * * * * but if i go on diagnostic/ping and try to ping my file server from my vpn server, i can't