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  • I've been using Let's Encrypt for a bit over a year to generate TLS certs for a number of my network servers, but just noticed that the ACME package is available for pfSense.  I'm glad to see this, and looking forward to being able to use that to automatically generate and renew the cert for the pfSense box, rather than copying it over from my web server.

    Due to my network setup, I think I'll need to use the DNS challenge–I have a separate web server behind the pfSense box, and ports 80 and 443 are forwarded to that.  To allow the challenge files to be placed there via FTP, I'd need to enable root username/password access on the webserver, which I'd rather not do.

    My DNS hosting is with EasyDNS.  They do have an API for remote updates (docs at, and they're supported by lexicon (, a package used by a number of ACME clients (including to handle the DNS challenge.  However, they aren't listed as one of the supported DNS providers on the ACME "add certificate" screen.

    Will one of the existing DNS provider methods work with EasyDNS?  If not, is there any chance of adding support for them in an update to the package?

  • I would be interested to be able to choose lexicon as well (

  • I'd also be interested in lexicon, because it supports namesilo.

  • Me four!

    There are tonnes of providers supporting Lexicon rather than their own API these days. Can we make it happen?

  • I have the same issue. Any progress on this topic?

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