Unbound stopping in builds starting around 20170415?

  • Been having unbound stop periodically for the past few days. Was running 20170415, upgraded to 20170417 but the issue still seems to be happening. Is this a known problem, or are there any troubleshooting steps I should be taking to gather more information?

  • Are you using pfblocker with DNSBL?

  • Not the OP, but I've seen that a few times too.  I haven't had time to do any troubleshooting and it doesn't seem to be consistent as yet or at least I haven't seen a pattern. But I am running pfBlockerNG.  I'll pull up my logs and see what I can see and crank up the logging level in unbound.

  • @Hugovsky:

    Are you using pfblocker with DNSBL?

    Not using DNSBL or pfblocker. Ended up disabling unbound and just pointed my DHCP clients directly at domain controllers with forwarders in their config. I was primarily looking for unbound to service a guest VLAN so that guests couldn't perform lookups on internal domains, but instead now I'm just sending them directly to ISP DNS.

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