DHCP not working on wireless card on AP mode

  • Hello,
    I first switched from Sophos to pfSense because it supports wireless cards in AP mode.

    I have my wireless card on AP mode, all teh recomended settings.

    This is my Setup:

    here are all my interfaces

    ![](http://Pfsense Interfaces.png)

    LAN is bridged with OPT1 (wireless)

    I have tried to set AP on static / DHCP / none, makes no difference.
    I have tried to set Bridge on DHCP / none / Static, makes no difference.

    I have tried to open ports 67 / 68 for al networks on AP / BRIDGE0/LAN, no difference.

    I have this wireless network card:

    vendor    = 'Qualcomm Atheros'
        device    = 'AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter'
        class      = network

    I can see the network okey, the only problem is that DHCP is not reaching out on the network.
    DHCP Server is a 2012 R2 if it makes any difference?

    Thank you for taking your time and considering to help me, much appreciated!

    Sorry for any misstakes I did in the spelling, but I am really exhausted by now (late night)

    ![PfSense Interfaces.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/PfSense Interfaces.PNG)
    ![PfSense Interfaces.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/PfSense Interfaces.PNG_thumb)

  • I should probably add that if you use static IP it all works just fine. It is only dhcp that does not work right now.

    Wireless clients can connect to the network and get Internet access if they have a static IP.

    I figured that one out after I looked at the firewall rules and saw that I forgot to add one important rule that allows all traffic within LAN network.

    But DHCP is still a no go for the wireless network :/

  • What are you trying to achieve with this setup?
    I am asking because i don't understand why you bridged Wifi with LAN.

  • @Kriogen:

    I don't understand why you bridged Wifi with LAN.

    Very good question
    Why does everybody use a bridge with their wireless interfaces. Perhaps it is a bad Linux'isms carried over.
    The idea is to give the wireless interface its own subnet for a routed network.

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    I too am at a loss why you would want to bridge your wifi?  Normally you want to isolate wifi from your normal network because of security reasons.. Especially if this is some sort of work/corp setup.  Which not sure of - but you mention running dns/dhcp on 2k12 server.

    If your going to bridge interfaces - your IP and rules should be on the BRIDGE interface, and the members of the bridge should not have any IP setup, etc.

    The simple/better solution here is to use a REAL AP.. and if you want it on the same lan network - just plug it into your switch..


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