OPen Vpn 2 clients work and 2 not

  • I have PfSense with openVPN the main idea is to use vpn as I will connect to office PCs. I set-up all including just one certificate for the client. From four of my PCs two are connecting without problems and I have all as I wanted (I can see local network, I can connect with remote desktop on my office PCs…) but the second two PCs can connect on OpenVPN server (I got VPN local IP address, I checked public address... all ok) but I cannot access to local network or surf internet (just my skype sometimes is connected).... On all four clients PCs I am using same certificate, I do not have anything special set up in my pfSense...  This is for me really strange and I do not have any idea what to do, or change or check.    :'( :'( :'(

    Has somebody some idea what is going on?

  • This may or may not be the problem …

    Long ago I ran into the same problem with openvpn and DD-WRT. I had three client users created. If one were in use another PC could not use it at the same time. A different client user id had to be used. Try a different user profile for each actual user or each unique device. Then the same user profile will never try to sign on at the same time using another device. (I have a unique id for each device since the same physical person might try to sign on from multiple devices.)