Accessing WiFi Connected computers

  • My Wifi is almost working 100% but with a hiccup….i have 2 is connected via wired network, and the other is connected via wireless to my pfsense firewall/router/access point

    and the wifi computer can connect just fine to the internet and my other computer with the wired connection......but i can not connect from my wired computer back to the wifi computer....nor can other wifi clients find other wifi clients...such as my 2 laptops cannot see my wireless enabled tower, but can see the wired one.

    Now, the wifi connector is set as bridged to the LAN, so i figure that should allow all traffic on the same subnet to talk to each other.

    Also, a particular protocol we can trouble shoot...and i feel once this is resolved so will the rest is RDP....i have a wan rule to direct RDP to my wired server...i dont think this interferes with trying to connect to the rdp of my wireless computer, but thought i should mention it. I've never had a problem when using my old dlink wap

  • Did you add rules to allow such traffic in on the wifi interface ?

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