Web Managed Switch Recommendations? (USED)

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    I didn't think this was appropriate in the Hardware section since it is not pfSense specific.

    I was wondering what your experienced recommendations were for an entry-level (semi)-managed switch?

    I just picked up a TP-Link SG-108E to get access to VLANs, but it is getting (what seems to me like) a lot >1% of "Bad Rx Packets" on VLAN tagged ports.

    I'm all for buying used networking gear to get quality stuff at a discount.

    Looking for:

    • All full duplex gigabit ports

    • Supports 802.1Q VLANs

    • Web/GUI managed (or CLI if it is very well documented for beginners) just not looking to learn switch CLI for my home network

    • L2 (L3 switch doesn't seem necessary for a small home network and I'd like something pretty cheap)

    • Some PoE would be a big plus

    • ~8 ports

    • Preferably passively cooled, definitely very quiet if active cooling

    • Can be had used for <$75, the cheaper the better

    Obviously the TP-Link SG-108E fits the bill other than PoE, but I'm betting there's something better out there that can be had for cheap if bought used.

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    " lot >1% of "Bad Rx Packets" on VLAN tagged ports"

    And why are you blaming that on the switch?  Where are you seeing this exactly?

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    I'm guessing it's the switch but could certainly be wrong.

    When I enable 802.1Q VLANs I see bad Rx Packets on the ports using VLANs, if I disable them then no more bad Rx Packets.

    I'm seeing this on the switch WebGUI. It's inter-LAN traffic so (as I understand it) isn't even being seen by pfSense.

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    So far what looks like the best used switch in the price range is the Zyxel GS1900-8HP using RTL8380M-CG.



    Anyone have any experience or thoughts on these?

    EDIT: I also could not get LACP LAG working on this switch, it's very possible I screwed it up but it doesn't seem very complicated?

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    Per your other thread.. I ordered that same switch - and will be able to duplicate your config in a couple of days.  I really doubt your issues are related to that switch.. But will see for myself in a few days once the switch shows up.

    But if your looking for a higher end switch to get.. I love my cisco sg300, and would highly recommend it.  Or you could go with their new 350 line..  Or if your using unifi AP, why not get their switches.. You can get a 8 port for $99 NEW from from unifi..

    Or poe for 110$

    Or for 200$ you can get the 16 porter that does full poe, even their 24 volt passive

    I have their switches on my list of new toys to buy ;)

  • I wouldn't be surprised if his NICs are sending baby giant frames. I have Intel NICs and HP switch and I never had to set jumbo-frames when enabling VLAN tagging and still able to send 1500byte IP datagrams without fragmentation, which was unexpected. Anyway, if the NICs are sending 1508 byte frames and the switch is not expecting anything past 1500, frame errors.

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    Thank you for the recommendations!

    I'm looking to get something used for <$75.

    Anyone know anything about these?


    There are some available in my area for $50-60.

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    how many ports do you want/need for your $75 price point?  You can get a brand unifi 8 port gig for 100$

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    Ideally 8 gigabit ports, web gui  managed with at least some Poe.

  • I'm not entirely sure if it meets your requirements but I (a humble home user) use these:

    Netgear GS110TP and GS108Tv2


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    I got my tplink switch last night, plugged it in this morning..  Not seeing any rx bad packets, but have not connected my AP to it yet.  I put it on my wlan 20, but it is a bit concerning that you can not remove vlan 1 from ports.  I don't think its anything you can not work around - but I think it means that the management IP is listening on any vlan that is untagged.  So while if you change the pvid of a port you would be able to hit the management IP from any port on the switch.. Not really a security concern in a home or smb, etc. but would be an issue in a enterprise setup for sure.

    I want to make sure there is no cross traffic being seen on other ports, etc.  I changed the pvid of each port to 20.. So even if I send vlan 1 traffic to the switch it should not be seen on any of the ports since their pvid is 20.  So it should not send say vlan 1 broadcast traffic to those ports even though its according to the web gui in vlan 1 untagged and vlan 20 untagged.

    I have a theory that the rxbadpkts your seeing my be tagged packets for a vlan that is not setup on the switch - be easy enough to test once I hook up a AP to it tonight.

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    Interesting, I found other users posting on forums that they had issues with the switch and VLANs.

    The only VLANs I have configured on my AP are the two VLANs I configured on the switch?

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    So just moved one of my AP to the tplink switch.. And yeah showing bad pkts on both the uplink to my other switch (port 1) and the AP port 4..

    Hmmm.. Now to figure out what it is marking as the bad packets..

  • TL-SG108E used now just as dumb switch without VLANs:

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    So just moved one of my AP to the tplink switch.. And yeah showing bad pkts on both the uplink to my other switch (port 1) and the AP port 4..

    Hmmm.. Now to figure out what it is marking as the bad packets..

    Very interesting, thank you again for taking your time to check this out!

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    I did not see any issues with any of my traffic on this switch.. It just seems to be cosmetic.. I think its marking tagged packets as bad or something but just passing them on anyway.

    Seems to have been a cosmetic issue going all the way back to 2015.. V1 of the hardware.

    This weekend I can do some more testing, the lack of being able to remove vlan 1 from a port just seems wrong.  But not like you can't work with it.  vlan 1 is nothing but an untagged vlan, doesn't really matter what the ID of that vlan is if untagged ;)  So in your network it could be any other vlan ID since its untagged.

    I will connect a device to one of the ports and generate a specific number of tagged packets and see if matches up to the counter for rxbadpkt..

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    Well, I ultimately ended up spending a bit more and replacing my TPlink with a Zyxel GS1900-8HP (rev. B1). It was at the top of several review lists, has a lot of features and seems to be regularly maintained by zyxel.
    Youtube Video

    $99 got me
    70W PoE over all 8 ports
    A whole lot more management options than the TPlink (apparently it even supports CLI if you prefer that).
    No more errors with VLANs and AP's
    Port security features
    (haven't tried LACP yet but will tonight or tomorrow, that didn't work on the TPlink but might just have been my fault.)

    As far as packet errors go, it doesn't seem to have any errors although it does show a LOT more info about packets and I haven't found a list defining all of these things yet.

    Port 3 Interface mib Counters
    ifInOctets		193064453
    ifInUcastPkts		1040622
    ifInNUcastPkts		25277
    ifInDiscards		0
    ifOutOctets		3580667467
    ifOutUcastPkts		2662483
    ifOutNUcastPkts		42464
    ifOutDiscards		0
    ifInMulticastPkts		13033
    ifInBroadcastPkts		12244
    ifOutMulticastPkts		40423
    ifOutBroadcastPkts		2041
    Port 3 Etherlike mib Counters
    dot3StatsAlignmentErrors		0
    dot3StatsFCSErrors		0
    dot3StatsSingleCollisionFrames		0
    dot3StatsMultipleCollisionFrames		0
    dot3StatsDeferredTransmissions		0
    dot3StatsLateCollisions		0
    dot3StatsExcessiveCollisions		0
    dot3StatsFrameTooLongs		0
    dot3StatsSymbolErrors		0
    dot3ControlInUnknownOpcodes		0
    dot3InPauseFrames		0
    dot3OutPauseFrames		0
    Port 3 RMON mib Counters
    etherStatsDropEvents		0
    etherStatsOctets		193064453
    etherStatsPkts		1065899
    etherStatsBroadcastPkts		12244
    etherStatsMulticastPkts		13033
    etherStatsCRCAlignErrors		0
    etherStatsUnderSizePkts		0
    etherStatsOverSizePkts		913897
    etherStatsFragments		0
    etherStatsJabbers		0
    etherStatsCollisions		0
    etherStatsPkts64Octets		87730
    etherStatsPkts65to127Octets		851661
    etherStatsPkts128to255Octets		18500
    etherStatsPkts256to511Octets		21092
    etherStatsPkts512to1023Octets		18395

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    If your going to spend 100$ and you have unifi AP why would you not just have gotten the unifi switch?  Even though looks like nice price point and way more features than the tplink stuff, looks to support syslog and snmp and lldp.. Nice..

    This is weekend was Derby - so didn't get to do anything on the switch.. But sure just looks to be cosmetic errors is all.. Have seen zero issue with anything..

  • I'll second the Cisco SG300/500 line…..Have several hundred of them in our network and little to no issues.

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    The ubiquiti switch looks great, the reason I went with the zyxel is it looked like it offered the most features at the lowest price point.

    The ubiquiti switch looked to me like it offered:

    • Less PoE budget
    • Less PoE ports
    • Excellent customer support
    • Better GUI
    • Better brand name

    Ultimately I was already going over what I wanted to spend by getting the Zyxel so I didn't want to spend $10 more.

    It seems like the zyxel checks a lot of the boxes and offers a lot at a great price point. Right now I only "need" the one PoE port, but I'll be moving relatively soon and probably adding another AP, and in the future probably 1-2 IP cams and possibly VOIP. My network will eventually outgrow 8 ports but for now I thought having >4 ports of PoE might last me longer. And even when I outgrow the 8 ports I'm thinking I could just connect to a larger switch and use up to 7 of the ports as PoE?

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    Having POE on your switch is not a requirement for AP, Camera's, phones - etc… You really should be able to just use injectors..

    That switch is only poe, not poe+ right? And doesn't do passive 24v that the non pro models of the unifi AP use.  So your going to just add Pro models?  If your talking budget the unifi lite models are better price point.

    While sure using POE makes for cleaner look, and less power plugs needed by your switch.  Its not normally something you go for when budget is of concern.  If were going for a poe switch would make sure it support at and af, and then passive 24 would be icing on the cake if using unifi.  If was me I would of gotten the 200-300$ 8-16 port poe switch from unifi.  Does 802.3af/at and passive on all ports with 150w available..

    But does look like a very reasonable price point with way more features than the tplink that is for sure.. Let us know how it works out once you get playing with some of the other features like rmon and snmp and syslog support.

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    It says it supports at and af, I didn't see anything about 24v passive though.
    I was planning on adding AC Pros, but honestly I didn't research the PoE compatibility. I just got lucky and the pro works on it.

    PoE want initially something I cared about, but when the TPlink didn't really work out for me I wanted to replace it with something that had a few more features.
    It was nice taking away a power cable and an Ethernet cable  :) but yeah certainly not a necessity.

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    Ah the wording on the amazon page was a bit hazy..  But from the spec site it does show both
    IEEE 802.3af PoE (GS1900-8HP/10HP/24HP/48HP)
    IEEE 802.3at PoE plus (GS1900-8HP/10HP/24HP/48HP)

    But on the amazon site it just says
    High-power PoE+ support IEEE 802.3at (70W Budget)

    Looks like a pretty good choice.. Have fun with it!!!

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