Openvpn too slow, what can I do to improve it?

  • Hi

    I have a setup with running pfsense on a small desktop computer with Intel i3 4160 cpu (3,6ghz) and 4gb ram.

    Internet connection is 100/100 mbit.

    Openvpn server i s set up with AES128cbc and 2048 bit key.

    When connecting to my server from remote locations I only get 8-10 mbit. Why is it so slow?
    Is the i3 cpu just too small?

    Before we started using pfsense we had a linksys box and we only got 5mbit openvpn speed. So we almost doubled it with pfsense. But we should have 50+ mbit to be able to work more efficent from remote sites.

    Did a new test. Tested OpenVPN between two desktop computers with the pfSense box in the middle. iperf measures 94,5mbit over OpenVPN. Network card is 100mbit so that is verry good. CPU load indicates 29% at max.

    Why do I only get 10mbit when connecting over the internet?

  • @Skippern12:

    Why do I only get 10mbit when connecting over the internet?

    go to

    10mbps is probably your upload rate.

  • 10mbps is probably your upload rate.

    Just to add to that - on one end of the connection or the other (or both)

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    If your upload on pfsense is 10mbps, and a client connects to pfsense even if its internet is gig/gig - any traffic that pfsense would need to send to this client would be limited to 10mbps.

    So if your routing internet through this vpn for example, or trying to download a file from something on the other end of the vpn - your speedlimit would be the 10mbps of pfsense upload.