Windows clients getting bypassed by the captive portal

  • Hello there!

    I have been running pfsense for the past 2 years, works absolutely awesome!
    I also run a guest wireless network, on a seperate VLAN, with a captive portal.
    The captive portal works great, but only for android and IOS clients.
    Whenever i connect a Windows client (A laptop for instance) to the guest wifi, it just gets authenticated straight away, and just bypasses the captive portal.
    What can be the cause of this??

    Thanks in advance.

  • @maxkoning:

    What can be the cause of this??

    I tend to say : nuke your VLAN setup first - go for a simple basic "always works setup" :
    Use LAN for your own purposes and the next interface, OPT1 (or whatever you named it) as a dedicated Portal interface.
    This will give you a setup that works in a couple of minutes.

    If not :
    Check who is present (inserted into the firewall) :

    Check out table 1 & 2 ( using "ipfw -x 2 table 1 list" and "ipfw -x 2 table 2 list" as mentioned in the doc).
    Your WIN clients are present ?

    If not :
    "We" from this forum can not see your setup. So, you have to detail your setup, so we might say something useful.
    Example  These WIN clients : they received an DHCP (!) IP ? Gateway ? DNS ? What were these ?
    What is the portal IP ? DHCP server ?
    etc etc.