OpenVpn not working with Windows 10

  • I am beginning to use Windows 10 in my environment and am having difficulty getting the VPN to work like it does with my Windows 7 machines. I am not sure if there is a security setting in Windows 10 that is not allowing the security handshakes that take place to allow connection to the shares. Nothing has changed in my environment besides the OS change. All of the other systems are working as they should. Any ideas on where to look?

  • I use the same VPN client on Windows 10 and 7 systems with no issues.

    I usually just setup OpenVPN server via the wizard and it works great.

  • This system has been functioning for many years now, the openVpn client installs and connects like it should, but the shares do not populate….starting to think its a Group policy issue and not Vpn..

  • Unless your FW rules are more restrictive, if you can ping the file server you should be able to open the shares.

  • I just set up OpenVPN to a Windows 10 computer.  IPv4 appears to work OK, but not IPv6.

    Not sure why though.  Route print shows both the link and a /128 to the address of the local end of the tunnel.

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    Print route shows an IPv4 gateway, but not IPv6.

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    I get the same situation with Linux.  IPv4 works fine, with IPv6 I can ping only the local end of the tunnel.

    Has anyone managed to get OpenVPN to work with IPv6, on either Linux or Windows?