OpenVpn Nat problem

  • Hi,
    I've been banging my head against the wall on this issue for a couple of days and need some help. I am running 1.2 STABLE
    and i have setup OpenVPN.
    I would like to connect from internet to the protected server in the LAN :

    INTERNET –---> (wan ) Pfsense ( lan -----> ( Server web,ftp,telnet..

    I successfully Open and connect from a Windows Client to the Pfsense VPN server but i can't connect to the Server..
    it seem a Nat problem.
    When i open the VPN i use the VPN IP to connect to the server: telnet

    My OpenVPN Pfsense settings:
    Protocol: UDP
    Dynamic IP: Yes
    Local port: 1194
    Address pool:
    Use static IPs: No
    Local network:
    Remote network:
    Client-to-client VPN:
    Cryptography: BF-CBC (128-bit)
    Authentication method: PKI
    LZO compression: yes

    Nat settings:
    Automatic outbound NAT rule generation (IPsec passthrough)

    I attach the Firewall Rules and other settings

  • The address pool ( in your case) is just for the point-to-point addresses of the tunnel interface, you can't reach anything on your LAN using those addresses, you have to use the LAN network addresses to connect to any host on your LAN.

  • THANKSSS !! Yes this is my error  :o

  • Can i do the same with PPTP ?
    Or PPTP enable connection only from the same natwork of WAN ?
    Because i try it and i can connect to only from WAN class..

    Thanks !

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