Browser always asking username and password

  • Hello, I configure pfsense and authentication ldap with my active directory. Every time I open a browser it ask for username and password. How can I solve this problem….

  • Look at "WebGUI Login Autocomplete" on the System/Advanced/Admin Access tab.

  • I will check, thank you for the reply.

  • It´s already check, and still asking for username and password. Any ideia so solve the problem?

  • Does your browser block cookies?

  • Suggest a trust validated chain with the following items; a self-signed Root Certificate Authority (Root-CA), intermediate CA (Sub-CA), and SSL server certificate.

    Install Root-CA into Trusted Root Certificate Store, install Sub-CA into Intermediate Trusted Store, and replace default webConfigurator (Server) certificate with new SSL server certificate.

    Edit: The above solution works with v2.3.x however v2.4-RC requires Alternative Names to be entered including IP address (pfsense) on internal certificate (Server).

    Internal CA
    	Intermediate CA
    		Certificate (Server)
    		IP address (pfSense)

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