Open vpn server working for local lan but no wan (internet)

  • I have really enjoyed learning with PFsense. I have really annoyed my wife with the constant tinkering and broken internet connection. I was looking for a router and I landed on PF sense. I have PIAvpn woring on it's own interface and excluded my smart tvs that connect to Netflix from that tunnel.

    I have my VPN server working from my Iphone to my LAN. Now here is the issue. I used the wizard to create that server and cannot seem to get to the wan from my lan.

    Do I asiign the server it's own interface and ….. then it gets murky for me.  I have tried to assign it an interface and nat and firewall rules but have been less than succseful.

    Any input would be gretly appretiatted

    So Vpn into my network and get to the internet through my PIA or the my ISP wan.

    One thing my DNS settings are PIA.

  • I'm new to pfSense as well, so I doubt what I say will make much difference.  But, is the IP address of your phone different from the WAN address of your pfSense box?  Is there a Firewall > NAT > Outbound rule to translate from your incoming tunnel to the outgoing one on the pfSense box?

  • I'm currently dealing with the exact same issue…including the annoyed family members when the Internet would go down due to router reboots, router restored configurations, factory resets, and when I just plain broke things with bad rules.  So far, I finally have everything working except for the fact that my remote OpenVPN Server clients can't connect to the Internet.

  • I can ping but can't get to I think the server has to be assigned it's own interface. I have tried but failed to acomplish this with all the rules and such.

    Learning as I go. At least this keeps me from watching tv. And anyone else when i break the connection.

  • Here are my NAT Outbound settings that granted my remote clients access to the Internet, but then broke access to the LAN.  I had to copy the two rules for my VPN Server ( and replace WAN with the PIA VPN interface and now when I remotely connect to my VPN server the clients have internet access through the PIA VPN.  Anyone know how to get both LAN and Internet access for OpenVPN server clients that are remotely connected?

    You probably need to post screenshots of you Firewall Rules (WAN and LAN) as well as your NAT Outbound before you can get suggestions like the one that solved my problem.

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