OpenVPN : one site to site and one roadwarrior

  • Hi,

    A little issue with my configuration

    2 networks:

    I configured one site-to-site OpenVPN between these networks.
    All is ok, computer on each network can speak with other in two ways.

    I added a roadwarrior server (OpenVPN) on pfsense box with network
    All is ok, roadwarrior can connect to network

    but roadwarrior can't reach

    If you have an idea, Thank you

  • To get the routing work you have add

    • the network to the "Local Networks" in the road warrior server settings

    • the roadwarrior tunnel subnet to the "Remote Networks" in the site-to-site settings of

  • Thank you for quick response

    Of course I for forget some lines

    On the road warrior server:
    push "route";

    On the pfsense client with network  """" is the roadwarrior OpenVPN range""""