Captive Portal Logon Problems

  • it's a bit weird but some phones sometimes have trouble login on the captive portal page… after they've inputted the voucher code(s) it just brings them back to the portal page ,

    but this rarely happens , around 1 out of 15 chance that our clients has this problem . happens mostly on IOS gadgets

    some of them have been able to go login the portal before

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That happens when the device thinks the page it was originally going to is the portal page itself.

    I have found that about the only way to defeat it is to use an after-authentication URL redirect.

    You could probably get clever and test if the redirect URL is the portal page and, if so, issue a redirect somewhere, else redirect to the original browser request page.

    Or just forget about trying to send them to the page they originally requested and do the after-auth redirect.

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