How to measure my used traffic of the last year, month,…?

  • Hi!

    I just try to find a way how i can find out how many Broadband i used the last month/year on my pfsense. Is there any monitor for the last year onboard or does someone know a good package?


  • Galactic Empire

    System -> Package Manager -> Available Packages

    Install Status_Traffic_Totals

    Then look at Status -> Traffic Totals

  • Like NogBadTheBad mentioned, the Status_Traffic_Totals package will do it… however, it will only track from this point forward. There's no way to obtain any past data.  I believe it keeps track of daily, monthly, and yearly data usage. Also of note, the data updates every 5 minutes, so if you complete a quick download and wonder why the number didn't change, that's why.

  • Galactic Empire

    Doesn't it look at the interface stats to get its data?

  • I'm not sure what vnstat uses to determine the data transferred, but the vnstat process that collects that data is set to run every 5 minutes with a cron job, IIRC.

  • THX. Traffic Total shows me the Traffic. Thx

    Did anyone know how to measure the used bandwidth. I want to know what is the max min and average used Bandwidth of my WAN.

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