Losing wan causes high load

  • For some reason I've yet to work out, possibly ISP related I lose my WAN port link every so often.
    When it goes pfsense (SG-1000) becomes unresponsive, the load continually climbs and the web interface becomes unresponsive until the WAN port (and pppoe) comes back and the load also drops.
    Is anyone else seeing this?

  • I have the same problem! But I have been unable to get any solid data on what is actually going wrong.

    I will get a complete loss of Internet and cannot login to the SG-1000 to see what's wrong. It's completely unresponsive and the unit has to be power cycled. It might be that it happens when there are no users and comes right later and it is only obvious when someone is trying to access the Internet. It seems to happen once every few days.

    The only thing I've seen in the logs that might be related is:

    • Occasionally the ISP tries to force an IP change it simply does not work but the link is still "up" as far as pfsense is concerned.
    • There is sometimes a burst of horrible latency and you see dpinger go nuts it normally subsides but sometimes requires a reboot.

    Have not been able to figure out much more than that.

    Note: Also using PPPoE on SG-1000

  • That's the exact same scenario that I'm seeing.
    Also I think it's unbound that is causing the load problem.

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