• Hola i hace 2 sites this are add by vpn with modem Cisco in two sites, i have a put pfsense my question is i have put one pfsense in two site? And i have create a routing table or rules of iptables, thanks.

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    can you draw your setup, and exactly what is your question or what is not working?

  • Hi, this is the schema of network

    SITE01                                                                                SITE02

    ||                                                                            ______
    |          |                          (optical-fiber)                              |          |
    |LAN01|==[CISCO01]====== ======[CISCO02]==  | LAN02 |
    |          |                                                                            |            |
    |          |                                                                            |            |
    |(                                                            |(
    |                                                                            |__|

    But when this SITE02 i execute tracert to mail server ( this out to internet and down by the Fortinet is for this that i need install pfsense. Thanks for you help

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