Acess to the network behind OPENVPN clients (remote access mode)

  • Hello! I try to make tap site-to-site openvpn by pfsense (server/remote access mode) and windows openvpn client (in client mode).     /

    Clients behind [w7] can ping devices behind [pfs], because routes to network pointed as local network on [pfs] are automatically registered on [w7] client.
    But not vise versa. Routes to network behind [w7] is not appears on [pfs].
    It's all works, when i add route to and manually from [pfs] cli.
    I cannot make it from web-gui because when i try to add gateway (openvpn client, i cannot choose ovpn1 interface because it unassigned.
    How to make routes adds automatically? I tryed advanced server options route; route; - it does not help (routes does not appears in [pfs] routing table). I also tryed to make client specific override by pointing, as remote networks with no success.

  • Any feedback please  ::)
    Maybe the description of the problem is inaccurate?

  • It would help me to understand the problem description better if you provide the cli work.

    If cli is working then why do you need a gui way?

  • Because when i reboot openvpn instance or pfsense itself, routes written manually are gone.

  • Your networks are confusing me so I'll give you the example we use at our company, ok?

    LAN Server
    LAN Client

    Server: (pfsense tab)
    Remote Access
    ++ Tunnel Settings
    –---IPv4 Tunnel Network
    -----IPv4 Local Network
    push "route";

    Client Specific Override (pfsense tab)
    -----IPv4 Remote Network/s

    The client config itself needs to further adjustment besides the typical settings.

  • You need to do two things in order to access the network(s) behind your clients:

    • You have to add an iroute statement for each network you want to access in the client specific overrides section for that particular client

    • You have to enable IP routing on the client PC ->

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