Github being blocked and cannot get it to unblock

  • I just finished setting up my firewall and have allowed all traffic from all ports and addresses going in both directions for a test and for some reason, Github has been blocked. I go on data it works. Both the website and CLI version do not work.

    Any Ideas?

  • You shouldn't need to do anything for github to work.

    Do some trouble-shooting and figure out why it's failing. Is it a DNS problem?

  • Apologies for being blunt but you've likely made a config mistake. Re-install or default your settings then github should work.

    If this does not work then you should focus on improving your trouble-shooting skills because your shared info gives us (and you) nothing to go on.

    Good luck.

  • I have done a fresh install with default values and it still blocked github
    I have since added proxy and squid guard settings for blocking and allowed github via squid guard and firewall to no avail

    1. Don't hijack old threads.  Start a new one instead.

    2. pfSense doesn't block ANYTHING from LAN by default.  Nothing.

  • i hijacked it as this is an issue for me I have done multiple fresh installs and still wont load is there any reason for this issue?

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    Does it even resolve?  Maybe has you blocked.. There are many reasons why it might not load.. But with the zero amount of info you have provided its just plain impossible to help you figure out what that reason might be.

  • woo ho…. not quite
    I do have some forward movement
    refreshed my load balancer it works fine from there
    now just trying to work out why the second server wont load its possibly a DNS issue
    it will resolve via DNS lookup and when I ping its strange
    ping from LAN 100% looss
    ping from WAN all good

    setup is a bare install all up to date this loads github and any other strange sites no worries
    DHCP is off DNS is off or on doesnt make a difference
    second will eventually get used as a squidguard server but for now its bare also
    static ip for gateway DNS is also off for testing
    LAN is with DHCP enabled
    no firewall rules but the default ones
    just about all sites work except and a login page for

    any input ?

  • ok so I discovered why Im a tool and am learning about subnets…...

    that is what was blocking my stuff!!
    i assume it was just going in an internal loop looking for the site

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    Yeah a /8 is really only ever going to be viable as a firewall rule and or summary route, etc.  Such a mask would really never be viable on an interface.

    Are you using public space and using a /8 that overlaps the destination your trying to go?

    I show both those domains using NS that would most likely be in the same netblocks, awsdns

    your provided info was still pretty close to zero and useless if trying to help you figure out your problem

    mech: so what exactly is wrong with your car?
    user: oh its red
    mech: so you want us to paint it another color
    user:  No I like the color but its not working..

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