OpenVPN RoadWarrior Porblem after 2.3.4 Update

  • Hi all pfsense Gurus …

    I have a somewhat strange problem sind the last update to 2.3.4.  The first one that connects to OpenVPN RoadWarrior Server can access the LAN and everything. The second one who tries this is getting an IP Adress and cannot ping or lookup anything on the LAN side or RDP to a Server nor access the windows shares as it was before easily.

    Backend Authentication is LDAP (Active Directopry - which worked - and works fine)
    Device = Tun
    Interface = LAN (with Port Forwarding - needed for Multiwan)
    Adaptive Compression is Enabled
    Disable IPv6 traffic is checked
    Netbios over TCP/IP is enabled - WINS Server provided

    One thing is a little bit crazy - the Message in OpenVPN Roadwarrior:
    Server Certificate: Error Message:
    Warning: The selected server certificate was not created as an SSL Server certificate and may not work as expected

    Do anyone outside have a same behavior?

    Site2Site Services are not affected by this behavior they work normally….  (with Version 2.3.4 outside)

    Any help / hint is really welcome



  • Not a problem from 2.3.4 just a nasty route on the wrong place …

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