Route UK On Demand TV addresses through WAN instead of OpenVPN PIA

  • I would like to route UK On Demand TV addresses through WAN gateway instead of OpenVPN PIA gateway as they will not work when going through PIA. I am a UK resident so those services will work when using my WAN IP address.

    I have managed to get BBC IPlayer working by creating a IP alias using Type: Network(s) and using and then passing that rule on LAN interface.

    What IP address blocks do I required to get the following services working: (The ITV Hub) (Catch Up - All 4) (My 5)

    I have tried adding each of the above by resolving each domain IP address but it seems like each service use other IPs for on-demand content so they complain or will not work ? How can I find out what IP blocks they might use so I can pass them through my WAN gateway?

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