Site to site openvpn using extra hardware (separate gateway)

  • Hi guys,

    I need to set up openvpn between two sites using separate gateways (not running on the routers themselves). Both sites have working pfsense installations, and I have two atom-based itx computers to get the openvpn client/server set up. Question is, how do I set them up to speak to the main pfsense router on each site?

    Idea is to do something like this

    Site A Secure clients –--> openvpn gateway -----> pfsense router-----> Internet <–---- pfsense router <----- site b openvpn gateway <----- Site B secure clients
    While still allowing non-secure clients on both sites to get on the internet like normal.

    I already know how to set up a standard openvpn instance, it's more the IP configs, static routes and outbound nat i need help figuring out.

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