PfSense OpenVPN & Windows 10 Speed

  • I am only getting about 25-30Mbps using iperf3 on my Windows 10 device connecting through the pfSense OpenVPN server to my Linux server.  The broadband is symmetrical 1 Gigabit.

    My pfSense is a Supermicro A1SRi-2758F Atom C2758 and my Windows 10 device is an i5-3360M 2.8 GHz.  AFAIK, both supports AES-NI.

    The OpenVPN server is configured (via the wizard) with UDP tun on port 1194 using AES-256-CBC SHA1 (160 bit).

    I have tried different settings on both client and server such as:

    • fast-io; sndbuf 393216; rcvbuf 393216

    • tun-mtu 1500; mssfix 1400;

    • hardware crypto on and off (in OpenVPN config & System->Advanced->Miscellaneous)

    • net.inet.ip.fastwarding = 1 in System->Advanced->System Tunables

    It does not appear any of these add any significantly speed increases for the symmetrical gigabit connection. During my testings, both the Windows device and pfSense device CPU load/utilization reaches only 6%.

    • Just what am I missing to get faster speeds?

    • What kind of speeds should I be seeing between the Atom C2758 and i5-3360M 2.8 GHz using OpenVPN in a remote access mode?

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