Additional IP for cPanel [Revist]

  • Hi Everyone

    As per this previous post -

    In summary, I have had this running successfully for some time, and to complete the above post, I am able to block individual ports via the WAN interface rules.

    Now, I have a new fibre service installed, that is delivered via DHCP rather than PPPoE. So I have 1 less interface to use here.

    I want to replicate the existing setup, but over the new connection. This issue is, that I now do not have a spare interface to assign the gateway IP to.

    I have tried an IP Alias but so far I cannot get any traffic to flow [not even between the internal machine and the gateway].

    I know this is a little used scenario compared to what most people are doing, but would anyone have any idea of what I can do to get this working?

    Any help appreciated.


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