Suggestions please…

  • I currently have 4 PCs and an old Synology NAS on my network but I'm trying to whittle everything down to save on running costs.

    I'd like to know the best solution from those listed below or if you have any other thoughts on how I can accomplish this.

    My current setup is:
    pfSense with two NIC
    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with one NIC (micro case, no room for additional NIC)
    Windows 10 Pro Anniversary edition (Development PC) with one NIC
    Windows 10 Pro Creator edition (HTPC) with one NIC
    Synology NAS DS410j (DSIM 5) one NIC
    4 VoIP lines
    Numerous other WiFi devices

    I am running on Virgin Media Business 200Mbs service which is giving all kinds of problems and the Hitron router itself is not capable of being configured to my requirements (static IP addressing, Port Forwarding etc.).

    What do you feel is my best option?

    Option 1: Leave everything as it is
    Option 2: Merge Ubuntu and pfSense (pfSense running from a VM) on the pfSense PC
    Option 3: Remove the Ubuntu PC and find a FreeBSD distro that supports pfSense, an email server and web hosting concurrently
    Option 4: Remove the pfSense PC and find an Ubuntu distro that supports full firewall/router functionality, an email server and web hosting concurrently
    Option 5: Some other option that I haven't mentioned that you are aware of.

    I do not want to use my work/development PC for anything but that so merging my HTPC and development PCs are not an option.
    Would it be possible to use my HTPC with an Ubuntu VM and a pfSense VM all on the same PC?
    Is there software I could use for my HTPC which could run on Ubuntu whilst running an email server and web hosting on the same machine?

    I'm sure there are other ways of doing things, I just want to make sure I choose the right one as I only really want to do this once given that it will be a lot of work switching everything around.

    As always, thanks in advance for any assistance you can give.

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