Azure Extensions Do Not Work on PFSense 3.3.1-p1

  • I am working on a deployment of PFSense 3.3.1-p1 Image from Azure Marketplace (, and I have found that the Azure Extensions do not work.  Each extensions shows as Status Unavailable on the Azure Portal, and nothing I do seems to resolve this.

    I have tried upgrading the Azure Agent manually, and uninstalling the existing extensions, but neither resolves the issue. Azure Support has advised that they do not Support the Extensions, and that I need to reach out to PFSense to get some answers here.

    The end-result of this issue is as follows, which makes using this appliance/image in production a bit risky:

    • No Disk-level Encryption
    • No Backups
    • No Antivirus/Antimalware
    • No Custom Script Extensions

    1. Is the Extension problem a known issue?
    2. Does anyone have the WALinuxAgent/waagent, Disk Encryption Extension, etc. working on the PFSense 3.3.1-p1 image on Azure?
    3. How was this Image released to the marketplace without working extensions?

    Any advisement would be highly appreciated.

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