Openvpn on PCEingine with three NIC.

  • Hello Everybody I have a problem and need a quick solution for it: I have used PcEingine model : in both side of two network and install pfsense on them, the question is that when I go to client router in states -> OpenVPN , it shows openvpn is running but I really have no Idea how to assign it to LAN port that every user can connect to it

  • Are the pfSense boxes the default gateways at both sites?

  • yes they are

  • So you've set up a site-to-site OpenVPN connection between this two pfSense?
    If so and if you've set the network parameter correctly and have also firewall rules placed on the vpn interfaces of both pfSense boxes to permit access, you should be able to access devices on the other site.
    Also ensure that computers firewalls do not block the access.

  • Thanks for your reply, Yes I set up site to site connection and connection state is also up.
    when I'm exporting the same configuration and using in a windows PC everything works in expected way, and in client pfsense router also in states looks everything fine and even receives the intended IP address from site one DHCP, my question is now my router has three ports: one is connected WAN one is connected LAN and one is free, when I connect my pc to LAN port it received IP from my current network (network of site2) not receiving IP from site1 DHCP, I really have no Idea I tried to bridge between LAN and openvpn port and other tricks but nothing worked and hope someone help me what to do that every pc in sited 2 connected to pfsense client router receive ip from site 2 DHCP.

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