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  • Slowly working through getting my pfsense setup for a home network.  Its a N36L 16gb ecc (ex freenas setup) 500gb hd, 2 x dual intel nics with one wan + one lan currently.

    On my WAN interface I have 4 rulesets.

    Snort GPLv2 Community Rules (VRT certified) - Enabled

    ET Open Rules - All Enabled/ticked (some rules within unticked as per bmeeks and jflsakfja)

    Snort OpenAppi - All Enabled/ticked (some rules within unticked)

    Snort Text Rules - All Unabled/unticked

    Snort SO Rules - All Unabled/unticked

    The last 2 rulesets don't allow me to tick any of them. When I try I get a red stop sign on the mouse cursor.  Do I need to disable snort on the wan interface first ?

    I did have IPS on WAN set at connectivity but changed to balance. ?

    I am using AC-BNFA-NQ for both WAN and LAN.

    Recommendations please…

  • When you select and enable an IPS Policy, that overrides manual selection of Snort VRT rules – hence the red mouse cursor.  Those checkboxes are disabled by design when using an IPS Policy.  This is because the chosen policy is determining which of those grayed-out categories and rules to use.


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