Pfsense 2.3.4 + Squid state of art

  • Since is not clear which mode is working and how, I'd like make some clearance about it.
    I post my tested confs, I was able neither to get non transparet/https mode work, neither if it possible to get it work . please let me know any suggestion.
    I assume simple configuration. i.e. no WPAD, nor safe search.

    Clients PC
    DNS server: set to pfsense/squid IP

    Squid package

    Transparent mode
    http: working
    https: working
    - Squid General Settings
    Enable Squid Proxy: checked
    Keep Settings/Data: checked
    Proxy Interface(s): LAN
    Proxy Port: 3128
    ICP Port: empty
    Allow Users on Interface: checked
    Resolve DNS IPv4 First: checked
    Disable ICMP: UNchecked
    Use Alternate DNS Servers for the Proxy Server: empty

    -Transparent Proxy Settings
    Transparent HTTP Proxy: checked
    **Transparent Proxy Interface(s):**LAN

    - SSL Man In the Middle Filtering
    SSL/MITM Mode: Splice All
    SSL Intercept Interface(s): LAN
    **SSL Proxy Port:**3129
    SSL Proxy Compatibility Mode: Intermediate
    DHParams Key Size: 2048 (default)
    **SSL Certificate Deamon Children:**5
    Remote Cert Checks: Accept remote server certificate with errors
    Certificate Adapt: Sets the "Not Before" (setValidBefore)

    Non Transparent mode
    http: workging
    https: NOT working Configuration: same as above exept
    - Transparent Proxy Settings
    Transparent HTTP Proxy: unchecked

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