Open VPN now Cannot Print and Other Issues

  • Hey All,

    So I have pfSense 2.3.4-RELEASE (amd64) running and it works great! I have 1 VLAN as my switch does not currently support VLAN tagging. I have assigned the following in the wizard:

    Address Range of

    I have DCHP assigning through

    I setup OpenVPN using PIA and it works fine. I had to disable IPV6 as PIA does not support IPV6 as far as I can tell… if that is not true let me know! But my public IP would not change until I disabled IPv6.

    However when I have the VPN client running on the router I cannot access local resources like my printer.

    I have the printer statically assigned via MAC address to

    I have googled and search around this forum but did not see an obvious solution though I am sure its posted here. How can I have clients routing traffic through the VPN but still be able to access my local LAN resources?

    Also I kept getting HTTP 403 denied error on this forum with VPN turned on. I had to turn it off to register. Seems odd.

    Anyway. I am fairly new to this so any help or a link to a guide is appreciated!


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