Clients connect, but internet traffic isn't routed through?

  • Forgive my ignorance, been bashing my head against this the last few days.

    I upgraded from a Tomato router, and am trying to transfer the OpenVPN settings from that router into the new pfsense setup. My OpenVPN clients are able to connect to the VPN server but cannot access the the local lan, or the outside internet. This means it's a firewall / routing issue, right?

    My hardware has 4 ports.

    0 - WAN
    1 - FLOOR1
    2 - FLOOR2
    3 - FLOOR3

    I'm trying to set up an OpenVPN connection such that the OpenVPN interface has full access to FLOOR1, and that clients that connect to this OpenVPN server have the option of tunneling their internet access.

    Also trying to set up the pfsense appliance so that one port is WAN and each of the remaining 3 ports are independent LANs that do not communicate with each other.

    Here are what I think are the relevant configurations.

    Firewall -> Rules -> OpenVPN: Rules openvpn.png?dl=0
    Firewall -> Rules -> WAN: Rules WAN.png?dl=0
    Firewall -> Rules -> LegacyOpenVPN:
    VPN -> OpenVPN -> Servers:

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