Accessing IPSec VPNs from OpenVPN Roadwarriors

  • Hi,
    i hope i'm not asking something that has been answered elsewhere (couldn't find anything).

    My setup looks like that
    pfSense with IPsec tunnels to some customers (from LAN everything works)
    Roadwarriors connecting via OpenVPN (they can access our local servers)

    Now i want to enable the Roadwarriors to use the IPsec tunnels too. I added

    push "route";

    to the OpenVPN config since i don't for all traffic trough OpenVPN. But traceroute shows that currently data from the roadwarrior goes to pfSense and then tries to access the target IP trough public internet instead of the tunnel (yes, the target has a public IP ;-)

    where do i enable the access? do i need to add a route for that manually?

    Any help appreciated.

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