How to isolate 2 networks and use 1 ISP fo both?

  • Hi people.

    I have some doubt, is posible  to create 2 networks example:

    Lan-1 10.0.8.X
      Lan-2 192.168.10.X

    The LAN-1 will be Wireless for my clients and LAN-2 will be private for my own use.

    What will be comun is that both networks will reach the Internet using the same GW, but I dont want that LAN-1 can reach LAN-2 or LAN-2 reach LAN-1 for security reasons.

    This can be possible, what I have to do in Pfsense  ???

    Thanks for your support people!!!

  • Yes with Reject or Block rules. Somewhat like this

  • I will analize the link u give to me and try to test.


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