OpenVPN accessing LAN systems

  • Hi,

    Many discussions on this topic (how to access LAN systems through OpenVPN) but no clear step-by-step guide. Unfortunately none of the discussions provides a solution.

    What I would like to achieve is that my pfSense box runs an OpenVPN server through which road warriors can connect and have access to the LAN systems. While setting up the OpenVPN server works and accessing the pfSense box is possible, none of the LAN systems can be reached.

    Current settings:

    • OpenVPN is running (tun device) on tunnel network
    • IPv4 Local network is set to (the LAN)
    • custom option: push "route"

    In the Firewall -> NAT -> Outbound:

    • WAN * * 500 WAN address * Auto created rule for ISAKMP
    • WAN * * * WAN address * Auto created rule

    Would be great to get this working so if anybody has a pointer to a step-by-step guide that would be very helpful!

  • That's a straight forward setup with the wizard and should work out of the box.
    If it doesn't, there is mostly something other divergent in the network setup.
    So the questions to be asked here are also always the same:

    How have you tried to reach the LAN devices?

    Is the pfSense the default gateway in the LAN?

    Do computers firewalls block the access?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    You are correct: it does work out of the box. T

    he probleem seems to be just ONE system (and that happened to be the one I was using as a reference to check if it works) that cannot be reached. I will further investigate the problem with this one system but it is probably not of interest to the community what the problem is so we can close this thread.


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